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Apr. 30th, 2008 08:26 pm
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Cleansing time. Goodbye fucker. Tyler is off this as a friend, he's off my contact list on my cell phone, off my friend's list on myspace and facebook. Goodbye fucker.

I need this cleansing. Talking to a new boy and a possibility of a new relationship is on the way. Goodbye to douchebag so I can start a new life, a new relationship, a new thing with a new guy.

Hello Derek. :)
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Due to moving and not going to be online much, I cleaned out my friends list.
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Cleaned out my friends list. There are some people who I just dont' read. So, sorry if you got cut. I was just tired of passing it up.
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alrighty! i'm doing a friend's cut. i'm tired of scrolling through entries that i don't read. and that goes for communities too. if u want to stay, note me. but if u are deleted, no offense, i just don't read ya. and if u haven't friended me back, u are gonna be deleted.
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just created this community [ profile] cvillegoth. join it!
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Alrighty, I'm just going to make this journal into a friend's only journal since I put all entries in friend's only mode anyway. Yes, I'm too lazy to change the diary mode of each entry in the future by hand. If you want to me to add you as a friend, leave me a note saying so on one of my public entries, and you shall be added as you add me to your friends list.
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okay, so i've had this nagging idea to write this editorial on how jeff gordon and nascar drivers are human. i know, nascar, ahhh, gotta love me :) anywayz, i finally had to give in to the nagging feeling and write it...come on, i wrote half the thing while i was taking my shower (you think my brain would be exhausted by this time because of all the reading for homework i've done tonight. blah), so i wrote it up. here it is. just tell me if ya think its good or not. i'm thinking of sending it in to a fan site of mine that i watch. dunno. just tell me what you think of it.

They Are Human )
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Restarting my journal. Hope ya like!

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