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okay, so i've had this nagging idea to write this editorial on how jeff gordon and nascar drivers are human. i know, nascar, ahhh, gotta love me :) anywayz, i finally had to give in to the nagging feeling and write it...come on, i wrote half the thing while i was taking my shower (you think my brain would be exhausted by this time because of all the reading for homework i've done tonight. blah), so i wrote it up. here it is. just tell me if ya think its good or not. i'm thinking of sending it in to a fan site of mine that i watch. dunno. just tell me what you think of it.

They Are Human

Written by me

They are only human. Yes, although you may not want to believe it, our favorite drivers are only human. They are just like me, just like you, like your mom, your sister, your father, your brother, anyone in your family or among your friends, they are human just like me and human. Sucks doesn't it? It sucks to have to admit that they are not some supernatural human being that lives forever and makes no mistakes. Sucks to have to admit that the man you cheer and love is only human and in a snap can be gone or can make a mistake in his personal life that makes you wonder. Human. That’s what they are.

I am a Jeff Gordon fan. Do I care about why his marriage fell apart? No. Why not? Because just like fifty percent of Americans in this country, Jeff Gordon couldn't make his marriage work. Do I feel bad for him? Yes. Am I sad that his wife is leaving him? To be honest, no. I never did like his wife (sorry Jeff). (Goes off on a tangent) Hell, could you, a Jeff Gordon fan, like a woman who just sat on top of a pit box or next to Jeff and just smiled. It was almost five years before I knew what that woman’s voice actually sounded like. Okay, maybe it’s because she’s a former beauty queen, but she has a college degree. She is just like me, well almost. Okay, so I'm only a 19 year old college student who is a junior. *gasp* I'm ahead of my class! Anyway, she has a degree. She can think. She does not have to be by his side 24 hours a day like she has to baby-sit him. He’s a grown man. (Finishes tangent) Their marriage didn't work just like plenty of other marriages in this country and the world. They are human just like everyone else. They tried and it didn't work.

Jeff Gordon is no different then any other man. People say he whines too much. Well, so do forty-two other drivers that race every week in and every week out in the NASCAR Winston Cup series. Hell, even the great Dale Earnhardt whined. Nothing against his memory, but who was the biggest whiner when it came to restrictor plate races? Earnhardt was right up there along with Mark Martin and some other drivers. And isn't there a specific Winston Cup Champion right now who at the end of the season finished probation. That’s right folks. For the first time in history (to my knowledge) our precious Winston Cup Champion won the championship while being on probation. Tony Stewart is the first champion to have this reorganization. Why? Because he is human just like everyone else in this world. Heck, he even gets recognition of being the first driver to get fined and put on probation by his own sponsor. Now, what if his human side shows up again this season while he’s defending champion? What will NASCAR do if their champion once again lashes out at a photographer because he is mad after a race?? Hopefully, kick him out of the series. Nothing against Stewart, but there are forty-two other drivers who can and do get mad after a race and do not push or shove or hit photographers because they were up in their faces. What do they do? They walk to their hauler accompanied by a security guard and their PR person who keep the media and fans (who are no longer allowed to be in the garage around "hot" times now, if you didn't know already) away from them.

Human. That’s what we are. That’s what these drivers are. Human. Look at Rick Mast. He has to retire because he’s human. He was exposed for too long over an extended period to carbon monoxide. Who can say this will not happen to another driver? Or if it will ever happen? We are human. We get sick. Toxic, odorless, colorless gasses can kill us because we are human. We are not perfect. Neither are our favorite drivers. Neither are our favorite athletes.

Michael Jordan is human. He may be a supreme basketball player, but he is human. This is a man who had a child with the woman who is now his wife out of wedlock. A marriage that also almost failed, but they, so far, has been able to save. Jordan is human just like our favorite drivers.

Human. Humans can err and humans are not perfect. Perfection is not what humans are. They will never be perfect. So why do we expect that our favorite athletes to be perfect when we know that we aren't perfect? Why do we put them on a pedestal just to kick them down? Perfection. That is something that cannot be attained in this world. It might be in another. It might not. I don't know. All I know is we are all human. Our favorite athletes are human and our favorite drivers are human. Humanity means imperfection. And personally, I like this imperfection that makes us human. It makes all unique because not every single one of us has the same imperfection. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be exactly like someone else with the exact same imperfection. I like my imperfection. It makes me unique. I like how we are all unique in our own very way. It might suck to have imperfections, but that is what makes who we are. It makes our drivers who they are. I wouldn't want to change how my favorite driver is and I doubt you would too. So yes, they are human. That is something we must all admit to and accept. Until we can, we can never fully begin to understand and know our drivers as we should fully be able to.

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